Mother’s and their gifts…

A real mother values her children. Whatever their needs are. Special or mainstream. 
My mother showed me what it meant to be accepted. She valued my uniqueness, she didn’t fight it. She allowed me to find myself. She has shown me strength, stamina, perseverance. My Mom has definitely earned her mom badge. Love her and all that we’ve become. Happy Mothers Day to all of the special moms in my life including my step mom. She’s has been an excellent example of what a good step parent should be. I’m a lucky lass.
Not all moms are created equal.

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Hard to believe but, we now have a promo video!! Great job by Sarah Coombs of and to all that have supported us along the way. It has been a great adventure thus far! We all need to stop and listen to our children more. They have some pretty awesome ideas and big, open hearts.

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Pick a TIME and put a ribbon on it.

What’s on my mind you ask? Well, perhaps you didn’t ask but you’re going to find out anyway. After this past weekend of a looming deadline of which required me to do some homework, ending up spending multiple hours and many revisions, all the while dreading an MRI that went horribly wrong the first …I want to say that it really floats my boat that I had not one, but five people offer suggestions, advice, revisions and their TIME. In the days where no one has TIME for much, it really puts a giant smile on my freckled face and warms the cockles of my heart that these folks lent me a slice of their watch. Whatever the outcome, I now know my way around a document…and as for that stinking’ MRI, well skip to my Lou that is OVER. Bottom line here is that, as I mention on occasion.. it’s the small things that make a difference and in this case TIME is what made me tick. So how about you make some TIME for someone and see what it does for your innards.


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@mustardseedcoop All the kids are doing it.

A couple of weeks ago there was the member launch of a new initiative, The Mustard Seed Co-op here in Hamilton.

It would be a bit of a rush to leave work, pick up kids at after school program, get home eat, get to swim lessons and then downtown to the member launch. We did it. Before we arrived I wanted to remind O&P what it was that we would be doing. I asked O if he remembered that day we drove down Locke Street and how he mentioned the street was very busy and he’d said, “I wish we could have a grocery store here, so we could sell more veggies and give even more money to charities”. I told him what The Mustard Seed Co-Op was about, was just that. A grocery store that the members help to run, get to be a part of, get to sell their produce, get to buy local produce, help to encourage food sustainability in a big city, participate in workshops, get to learn from others and all the while bringing a sense of community along with. P’s eyes brightened and became as large as saucers at the idea.. O looked at me and said ” Mom, it’s a dream come true”. He gets it and he’s only 8.

So if you are living in Hamilton and are looking to further your venture into local, sustainable food sources, this is another option to do so. You can purchase a ‘share’ for your family and enjoy some of the other perks. Why not be a founding member like we are.

See you at soon.Image

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From our backyard to the hopes of a child’s future. Small acts can add up….

Calum, Oliver, Piper and I had a very wonderful experience at the Food4Kids Gala Breakfast this morning. A room filled with community love and spirit. It is heartbreaking knowing that so many kids in Hamilton go without food. We had the pleasure of presenting a $500 donation to Food4Kids today from Oliver’s Garden Project, which will help feed one child for a year. We are thankful to have had the opportunity. Great food too, totally helped with the 6am wake up 😉

Visit for more information


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We have some very creative, talented and interesting people in our life. How can you not want to share the support amongst. If I know someone who offers a service or talent I’m more than glad to recommend them or even promote them. That to me is part of community.

Best advertising is word of mouth they say… If I’m not talking about you there’s probably a reason. Those who’s info I mention and post comments/links about there is also probably a reason. Share info amongst each other, give someone a chance to learn something new or find a new favourite. Goodness surrounds you, you just have to get your head out of your own — to recognize 😉

Stop and think of someone other than yourself….

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I remember the bully’s in high school. Won’t ever forget them. I was teased and harassed a ton just because I came from another city, had different hairstyles, pierced my nose and got a tattoo. People including teachers thought I was some scary nasty girl…wasn’t like they’d take the time to actually find out. I was pretty shy.

I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if we had Internet! I’m sickened to keep seeing things about cyber bullying. These poor kids. High school is a tough time and if only kids could understand that it is only a very small part of life’s big picture. Kids need more self worth and parenting that is trustworthy. Guide and teach your children from the sandbox on, bullying comes in all forms. To those whispering in your presence to full out physically harming someone. It all hurts! Lead by example. Never mind high school this parenting part is WAY harder!

Cyber bullying abound…

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My two favourite words besides Oliver and Piper are : Community and Initiative. Beautiful words, the lot.


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Canadian Gardening Magazine Summer 2012

Wonderful news to share! Oliver and his sister Piper are in the summer issue of Canadian Gardening magazine page 81 to be exact!! What a fantastic opportunity and a very swell article. The photograph of Piper is perfect thanks to


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Oliver takes on Ottawa Street ~CBC Hamilton

It was Oliver’s Garden Project Day #OGPDay down at the Ottawa Street Market today.  CBC Hamilton stopped by yesterday to have a chat with Oliver.

The story here :

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